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Love me Tenga: That giant squirting sound you hear is half a billion men wanking

Shukan Asahi Geino March 10
Shukan Asahi Geino March 10

When it comes to creative devices for the purpose of self-abuse, Japan simply can’t be beat. As Shukan Asahi Geino (Mar. 10) excitedly reports, Tenga, the nation’s most innovative supplier of hand-held, synthetic vaginas and related items, has set its sights on mainland China, where the rocks of 600 million men hoping to get off are not related to rare earth minerals.

Tenga is tying up with two firms, AV producer Soft On Demand and its affiliate SOD Create, to establish a joint venture in Shanghai under the name Yaxin Trading Co. (雅心商貿易公司 in Chinese).

A source tells Geino that while Tenga is prepared to go through regular business channels, the company is concerned over regulations on contents of adult videos.

“China of late has become quite receptive to adult goods,” says a Japanese trading firm employee based in Guangzhou City. “You can already find specialty shops in most cities. Most tend to be located in small and run-down places, but every now and then you run into really upscale shops as well.”

China is said to hold numerous clandestine exhibitions of sex-related goods.

“They’re as big as some of the major trade shows,” the aforementioned source goes on to say. “In order to satisfy the requirement that it be related to ‘culture,’ they will put up exhibits showing traditional erotic prints and sex education materials, but they have plenty of other stuff on display, as well as available for purchase on the spot. There’s nothing sordid or raunchy about the displays at all, and you can even see young couples giggling as they pick up the items and discuss them.

“You can also see men in their late 60s watching sex videos, hoping to bone up on their love techniques,” he chuckles.

Kemuta Otsubo, a writer familiar with the adult-related business, is convinced Tenga is going to take China by storm.

“When I went to the ‘Macau Adult Expo’ the SOD booth was mobbed by Chinese,” he says. “Japanese domestic versions of Tenga goods are already being sold in Hong Kong to much acclaim. I think they’ll modify their package labeling for the Chinese domestic market, but otherwise sell the items as-is.”

The Guangzhou-based trading firm staffer thinks the entry by Japanese firms spells “happy news” for Chinese men, who, due to the nation’s strict one-child policy, must “generate their own electricity in-house,” so to speak.

“Workers who come to the cities from the countryside will carry them back home with them, and before you know it the products will get ‘di-semen-ated’ nationwide,” he winks.

So then let’s aim carefully for the tumescent China market, where 600 million wankers eagerly await release, cheers Geino.

But the trading firm staffer adds a precautionary note.

“China is under a single-party dictatorship that swings between ‘open’ and ‘closed’ depending on which way the winds are blowing,” he warns. “If people start treating sex too openly, then there are concerns the door might suddenly slam shut.” (K.S.)

Source: “TENGA, SOD ga genchi hojin setsuritsu ‘Chugoku rokuokunin onanii shijo wo kaitaku seyo,'” Shukan Asahi Geino (Mar. 10, page 42)