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Japan’s deflation driving down prices of short-time sex

Nikkan Gendai Dec. 11
Nikkan Gendai Dec. 11
Caught up in the deflationary spiral, beef bowl restaurant chains are tripping over each other’s feet to see which one can serve up the cheapest salaryman’s lunch. Additional savings can be realized by purchasing a strip of “Guruupon” meal coupons in advance.

Inspired by this entrepreneurial creativity, Nikkan Gendai (Dec. 11) reports that now the sex industry has got into the act, with discount coupons for sex shops.

Going by such names as “Nukipon” (getting it off tickets) and “Fuupon” (sex shop tickets), they are being sold on a first-cum first-served basis on the Internet.

One shop in Ikebukuro called Miss Universe posted a special deal for a 45-minute course at half price — reduced from 16,000 yen to 8,000 yen — to the first 20 comers.

The shop had hoped it might sell five at the most, and was pleasantly surprised when all 20 coupons sold out shortly after being posted on its Web site.

In Osaka, a shop called “Machi de mikaketa hohoemi okusan” (the smiling wife you picked up on the street) offers an interesting new twist on the world’s oldest profession.

“First you call the shop and tell them where you want to rendezvous,” says an editor of a nightlife guide magazine. “They’ll send several ladies out, who will prance down the street past you while engaged in lively conversation. Each one will be carrying a bag with a different color. You pick out the gal you like from the group, call back to the shop to tell it which color bag she’s carrying, and the shop will call her cell phone. She’ll peel off from the group and then meet up you and go to a hotel, giving the sensation of a clandestine affair.

“Unlike picking hookers from photos, this lets you check them out in the flesh, so there’s less chance of being disappointed,” he explains.

Nikkan Gendai has also discovered a deri heru (out-call) service that offers “erection compensation.”

“The deri heru gal always keeps a supply of Viagra, which she’ll dispense if you have trouble getting it up. And if that fails, the service will refund half the payment,” Yukio Murakami, a writer covering the sex trade, tells the tabloid.

“Another new discovery is the so-called ‘I’ve-got-an-excuse’ style delivery health business,” Murakami adds. “These are slightly worn and plump middle-aged housewives who use the excuse of saying they need some money to rummage for shopping bargains.

“It may be hard to get the hots for them, but they’re really cheap; you can get it on with one for about 5,000 yen,” he says. (K.S.)

Source: “Gekiyasu defure fuzoku saishin joho,” Nikkan Gendai (Dec. 11, page 5)