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Infidelity a fairly frequent phenomenon among working wives

Fujin Koron Feb. 22
Fujin Koron Feb. 22

For many traditionally minded Japanese husbands, having their wife stay at home is a matter of pride. But now they have another and perhaps more compelling reason to shake their heads and refuse when their wife asks, “Honey, do you mind if I go back to work?”

Nikkan Gendai (Feb. 25) cites the results of a survey of working married women that appeared in the February 22 issue of the popular women’s magazine Fujin Koron. The survey claims that more than one out of three was engaged in an extra-marital affair, which involved romantic romps of two or more times per month.

These figures were juxtaposed with data supplied by MR, a major private investigation service, which came up with similar findings. In a survey of 200 married women who worked, the MR detective service reported that 21.5 percent of the wives it had tracked for clients had engaged in infidelity. Most of these flings involved a co-worker, followed by “my instructor at a training seminar,” “business acquaintance” and “customer at the shop.”

The wives’ main motive for seeking something on the side was dissatisfaction with their spouse, with such complaints as “He comes home from late too late,” or “He never helps with house chores.”

Other hubby shortcomings that justified their extramarital flings included the husband’s selfishness, bad temper and cowardliness. Only three percent complained of his indifference to sex. So, advises Nikkan Gendai, if your wife is working and you don’t want her to stray, then get busy helping her with the house chores.

Source: “Osaka no gaaruzubaa de ga henshi, joshiko fuzoku toraburu saishinban,” Nikkan Gendai (Feb. 25, page 3)