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Hyogo cops catch daffy dowager on suspicion of stalking

Nikkan Gendai Apr. 8
Nikkan Gendai Apr. 8
One never knows who will fall into the long arm of the law. But the Hyogo police themselves may have been a bit surprised when they snapped the cuffs on a glitzy 63-year old gal on charges of stalking a man 23 years her junior.

Nikkan Gendai (April 8) reports that Noriko Ochi was arrested for violating the anti-stalking law.

“She’d been married previously, but about 20 years ago she had an affair with a man she met through a telephone club,” a police source tells the tabloid. “She kept it going over the years, and formally divorced her husband two years ago.

“But then her lover left her for a younger woman and she began hassling him with obscene phone calls up to 100 times a day. Finally last August the man consulted the Hyogo prefectural police and on April 5 Noriko was arrested. The man has married his new girlfriend.”

“Women who go for men with a big disparity from their own age want to be able to control the relationship,” says Asako Miura, an authority on the war between the sexes. “They are somewhat on the narcissistic side, and like being obedient to their husband. They want to be able to bask in their femininity by having a young lover. They also revel in being able to show him off to their lady friends.

“Naturally for them, to be dumped by their lover is likely to incite feelings of deep hatred.”

Osamu Seki, a lecturer of psychology at Meiji University, says one way to identify these types of clingy women is by how quickly they tend to become familiar with a man they’ve just met. Soon after the relationship is formed she’ll begin meddling in the man’s personal life and work, and if the man says he wants to break up, she’ll be at a loss of what to do.

“Whatever you do, don’t raise the issue of her age as the reason for separating,” Seki advises. “That will be a blow to her femininity. So give reasons such as irreconcilable differences in your view of life or personal values.”

If you’re going to screw around in any case, Nikkan Gendai advises, then do it with a younger woman. (K.S.)

Source: “Boso shita rokujissai onna wa mieppari,” Nikkan Gendai (Apr. 8, page 7)