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Hostess of Maki Mizuno’s politician husband bumped from Ginza mama role

Shukan Jitsuwa June 7
Shukan Jitsuwa June 7
The affair between Liberal Democratic Party diet member Masazumi Gotoda and a Ginza hostess was documented in a weekly tabloid one year ago. Shukan Jitsuwa (May 31) now says that what could have been a career move for the working gal has ended in something of a banishment from the nightclub quarter.

To recap, Gotoda, 42, who is married to popular actress Maki Mizuno, engaged in a fling with a hostess who had been working at a high-end club in Ginza 8-chome for less than a year. The gal then utilized her subsequent fame to elevate her image in the business, whereby she later became a mama-san at another ritzy club.

For a rundown of the scandal, which was first broken by Friday in a multi-page spread appearing in its June 17 issue, Shukan Jitsuwa turns to an entertainment writer. “Gotoda and the hostess enjoyed a Chinese dinner together and then went to a Roppongi bar,” says the writer, who is highly remiss in not mentioning that the establishment was in fact Motown House. “They were seen kissing in spite of being out in public. They also disappeared together into the toilet for 20 minutes. Upon exiting, they went (by taxi) to his government-sponsored dormitory.”

The writer goes on to say that Mizuno was furious, and Gotoda subsequently moved out of the dormitory and returned to the couple’s home in upscale Denenchofu so he could be close to their children.

As for the hostess, she was criticized after she leveraged a scandal involving a politician to boost her career in Ginza. Even with such back-biting, she persevered and landed a job as a mama-san at club R in Ginza 6-chome this past February, according to a person affiliated with the club.

Friday June 17
Friday June 17
Considering her abbreviated time in the biz, those working in the Ginza scene became filled with jealousy regarding her enhanced status. However, it didn’t last long.

“After she split it off with Gotoda, she found another guy, an older guy,” says the club employee. “She brought him to the interview for the job,” ostensibly to show the kind of customer she was capable of delivering. But he wound up being her only customer as no one else ever came to the club. She was relieved of her duties at the end of March.

“Gotoda has got to be taking care of her,” says the club employee, implying that the politician holds some responsibility.

Shukan Jitsuwa, on the other hand, suspects that it is just another reason for Mizuno to be as mad as ever. (A.T.)

Source: “Ginza kara kieta Gotoda giin no furinaite,” Shukan Jitsuwa (May 31, page 213)