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Groping gamers grab hi-tech gizmo to give gal the finger

En route to her office aboard a jam-packed commuter train, “Miss E” and her boyfriend, a colleague, have found an erotic way to entertain each other.

“At first he used to lightly fondle my butt, or stimulate my nipples through the material of my blouse,” she blushes. “That was fun, but I couldn’t really get going unless he stuck something longer inside me.”

So, reports Nikkan Gendai (March 18), the young man came up with a gadget called “P Point,” a battery-powered vibrator that is slipped over the user’s index finger.

“The connecting cord is concealed in his pocket, but anyway something of this length and thickness really gives me a feeling of satisfaction!” grins the lusty Miss E in a wholehearted endorsement.

In addition to its good vibrations, P Point’s exterior is covered with “speed bumps” designed to further stimulate her G-spot, which E says causes her to squirm with delight while the horde of commuters in the couple’s close proximity travel to their respective destinations blissfully unaware of the raunchy guerrilla game going on in their midst.

If there’s any downside to this depraved device, it would be that, according to Miss E, it only gets her damp without enabling a full fledged orgasm. Fortunately, the premises where E and her male colleague work have a suitably insulated storeroom to permit them to go all the way. So they arrange to arrive ahead of their co-workers for an early morning cavort.

So what’s the point of this silly article? Apparently to point interested readers in the direction of the P Point, which sells online for about 1,980 yen.

Source: “Kore ga areba densha no naka no ‘chikan gokko’ mo OK,” Nikkan Gendai (Mar. 18, page 23)