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Co-ed college cronies couple in raunchy reunion

Shukan Bunshun Feb. 4
Shukan Bunshun Feb. 4

“Here’s a confidential story of something that happened to me last Christmas.”

So begins a tasty tale that appeared in the February issue of Renai Tengoku, as related in Shukan Bunshun (Feb. 4).

The anonymous writer had got together for drinks with Ms. K. and Ms. N., two of her best pals from college days. None of them currently had boyfriends, and to commiserate the three met at Ms. N’s home for a pot-luck dinner on Christmas Eve.

“We drank champagne and the talk eventually turned to romance,” the writer relates. “It was already past two a.m. by the time we went to bed. About an hour after I’d dozed off, I was awakened to feel K’s hand rubbing my tummy.

“‘I’ve always liked you a lot,'” she whispered to me.

“Well, I was surprised, but from a woman’s point of view K was an extremely sexy woman and a real beauty. Without a thought I let her kiss me and as she thrust her tongue thrust into my mouth and flicked it against my hard palate, K seemed to become a completely different creature.

“Moving quietly to keep from waking up N, I nuzzled K’s lovely breasts and she reciprocated by using her expert tongue technique on me down there, to bring me to orgasm.

“We’re keeping it a secret just between the two of us,” she sighs in recollection.

Shukan Bunshun assigns the playful byline “Gaa-rezu Tooku” to the story, punning the English term “girls’ talk” to connote “ga-lez talk.” (W.W.)

Source: “Shukujo no zasshi kara,” Shukan Bunshun (Feb. 4 page 105)