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‘Carnivorous women’ with yen for men find licking to their liking

With growing numbers of hesitant, herbivorous males matched by more assertive, carnivorous females, sex in Japan has truly turned topsy-turvy. Nikkan Gendai (July 17) reports that increasingly libidinous Japanese women have been flocking to discreet “sensual massage parlors,” where they pay to be pampered by young hunks.

An office worker in her 30s who patronizes such a place in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho district tells the tabloid, “The place where I go has a membership system and won’t admit anyone without an introduction. A 90-minute session costs 30,000 yen.”

She describes the shop as one unit in a modern building, which has been partitioned into cubicles that have been well soundproofed.

“After showering, good-looking male esthetician gives me a full-body oil massage, which including stroking my breasts, buttocks and asoko (down there). They’re so skilled in their techniques my butt twitches with pleasure.

“In principle intercourse is not included on the menu, but the esthetician might ask a customer he likes, ‘Do you want to lick me?’ and if you reply ‘yes,’ he’ll whip it out and let me get him hard with my mouth. Then he’ll stick it in — the sensation’s so good I feel faint.

“And there’s no extra charge for the intercourse, even if the time runs over,” she smirks.

The hunks, who appear to be the type one normally finds employed at host clubs, range in age from their 20s to 40s. Many are said to be interested in starting up similar shops and are there to learn the tricks of the trade.

“Those in their 20s earn from 400,000 to 500,000 a month,” says a “pink” journalist. “Those over 30 seem to be more trusted by the women and are requested more often, which of course boosts their income. But even the youngest customers at these places are in their late 30s. And there are plenty of middle aged ladies in their 50s and 60s. Many are women who operate their own businesses, or trophy wives of wealthy businessmen.”

According to the journalist, particularly popular is a certain shop in Tokyo’s upscale suburb of Setagaya, where a lead performer in adult videos moonlights. Many of the women who patronize this place seek anonymity, and arrive at the door wearing sunglasses or surgical masks.

“Some shops will also summon female estheticians, for women who enjoy getting off by lesbian play,” the journalist adds.

Even with new shops springing up, demand at these establishments is said so brisk that customers are obliged to set up a session with their stud a month in advance.

Source: “‘Joseiyo seikan esute’ ni muragaru onnatachi,” Nikkan Gendai (July 17, page 4)