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Bad boys in the band ream receptionist with raunchy riffs

Shukan Bunshun April 12
Shukan Bunshun April 12

“I work as a receptionist for a recording studio. I also belonged to a band in my student days, and even now, after my marriage, still love music. And I really enjoy my job because it lets me talk about music with young musicians.”

Where is this leading? To find out more, we must delve into the ways that music moves this madam to fantasize about the other kind of rockin’ and rollin,’ as portrayed in the February issue of Ai no Taiken Special Deluxe (and with thanks to the good offices of Shukan Bunshun, April 12).

“Sometimes they asked me about things I dare not relate to my hubby, such as did I want to try using a vibrator, or would I like to be tied up by a guy, or did I ever think about dressing up and role playing.

“Anyway young P, who belongs to a hard rock group, came on to me quite forcefully. He likes to deliver a spanking, and I come close to orgasm just by having my butt whipped. On the other hand young K, a vocalist, is good at verbal abuse, which he uses in his lyrics, and they’re dirty enough to get me sopping wet down there. Then there’s O, a drummer, who has fantastic physical energy and can get it on any number of times in one night. I love it when he picks me up and has sex with me while standing up, cupping his hands beneath my buttocks as he thrusts repeatedly, in what Japanese call the ekiben position.

“While making it with O, for the first time in my life I passed out during sex.”

Bunshun’s playful punster gave this week’s contributor the pseudonymous byline “Fugi Rokku Fesutibaru,” a play on words for Fuji Rock Festival. Except fugi (with a hard “g”) means immoral.

Source: “Shukujo no zasshi kara,” Shukan Bunshun (Apr. 12, page 99)