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Osaka broadcaster denies adulterous relationship involving host influenced programming

Shukan Bunshun June 15
Shukan Bunshun June 15

OSAKA (TR) – Mainichi Broadcasting System claimed earlier this month that an adulterous relationship involving a host of a daily news program and the head of a non-profit organization, as alleged by a weekly magazine, had no effect on its programming, reports Daily Sports (June 8).

On “Chichin Puipui” on June 8, the Osaka-based broadcaster said that the results of an internal investigation revealed that substantial funds lavished on host Eiji Ishida, 57, as a means of business entertainment by his mistress, the chairman of an NPO based in Hyogo Prefecture, did not effect coverage of the organization.

According to the June 15 issue of Shukan Bunshun, Ishida accompanied the chairman on a six-day, four-night trip to Hawaii in June of 2015. He also was taken to high-end clubs by the chairman.

In making the statement for the broadcaster, announcer Keiko Furukawa said that it is true that Ichida accompanied the chairman to Hawaii and that the NPO was featured on “Chichin Puipui” in July of 2014. “But the food and drinks and trip as outlined in the article did not in any way influence the broadcast,” she said. “Regarding the entertainment, it is not factual that it was excessive.”

Tax probe

The matter came to light in March after a tax probe by the Osaka Regional Taxation Bureau revealed that the NPO, which assists disabled persons, owed 280 million yen in additional taxes due to the diversion of 500 million yen allocated as personnel expenses to the chairman.

In the article, Ishida denied the relationship with the chairman, saying only that he had known her for five years. However, he reversed course on the program. “This is an undesirable situation due to my lack of virtue,” he said in admitting to adultery and taking the trip.