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Shiga cops: Ex-teacher engaged in sexual acts with boy

Tsuyoshi Nakagawa
Tsuyoshi Nakagawa (Twitter)

SHIGA (TR) – A former high school teacher was arrested here on Tuesday for engaging in sex at his home with a male student who often stayed there overnight.

Police arrested Tsuyoshi Nakagawa, 29, who used to teach the Japanese language at Ritsumeikan Moriyama High School, on youth protection law violations for allegedly carrying out sexual acts at his home with a male student aged under 18 numerous times from March to April, TV Asahi reports (Sept. 20).

Nakagawa denied the charges, telling TV Asahi he “didn’t carry out any sexual acts.” He voluntarily stepped down from his post in May.

Police have not disclosed details of the arraignment for Nakagawa.

“This kind of stuff is a huge pain,” Nakagawa was quoted as saying, insisting the student never stayed over at his house. “I’m struggling here, being treated as if I was a suspect.”

The male student was as saying Nakagawa would “call me over like, hey, come here, and I couldn’t say no. Though I did resist.”

A different teacher was alerted to the case after they were consulted by the boy when he was in bad shape.

Nakagawa and the male student were keeping in touch over free chat app Line, the Sankei Shimbun reported.