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Morioka cops: City official engaged in sexual acts with under-18 girl

The office of Morioka City (Nippon News Network)
The office of Morioka City (Nippon News Network)

MORIOKA (TR) – An official of Morioka City was arrested here on Monday for alleged sexual involvement with a girl at a hotel knowing she was under 18.

Yukihiro Chiba, 30, of the city’s building guidance division was arrested by Iwate Prefectural Polive for violating the juvenile protection law by allegedly carrying out sexual acts with a girl knowing she was under 18 at a hotel in the prefecture in late May, Iwate Broadcasting reports (Aug. 22).

Chiba admitted meeting with the teenage girl but denied the charges, telling police he “doesn’t really remember.”

Police said Chiba got to know the girl through a members-only dating site, the Sankei Shimbun reported.

Police were alerted to the case after they were tipped off by the girl’s mother in July, and made the arrest after a subsequent investigation.