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Aomori school girl’s suicide note urged bullies to ‘never bully again’

A note from a school girl who had been bullied prior to her suicide
A note from a school girl who had been bullied prior to her suicide

AOMORI (TR) – The bereaved family of a schoolgirl who committed suicide released on Tuesday some passages from her suicide note, which identified numerous bullies and urged them to “please never bully again.”

The 13-year-old Namioka Junior High School student, who jumped in front of a train in the town of Fujisaki, wrote in a note saved on her smartphone: “I don’t think I can keep living anymore. Those of you that have been bullying me, I think you can understand. Please never bully again.”

The second-year student also expressed gratitude toward her family and said, “There’s no point in living. I truly am thankful for these 13 years,” the Sankei Shimbun reports (August 29).

School officials are working with the city’s board of education to investigate whether there was bullying at the family’s request, which was made on Monday.

The girl was ignored and verbally abused in the classroom and during gym since the first year of middle school, her classmates said. She ended up attending school just a few times a week starting third semester the same year.

The girl served as student council president during her first term in her first year, and joined the volleyball club before switching to arts and crafts. She was also a member of a local folk dance group.

The girl jumped onto the tracks of the Ou Main Line at Kita-Tokiwa Station and into the path of an oncoming train at around 10 a.m. on Thursday.

Her school announced her passing during a school-wide assembly on Monday and observed a minute of silence.

School officials across the nation continue to grapple with the issue of bullying.

On August 19, a 12-year-old boy in Aomori Prefecture was found hanging in a hut on his family’s property in Tohoku. His 10-page suicide note said he killed himself because of bullying and identified the bully.

The boy’s mother previously told his school he was being bullied, but officials were allegedly unable to confirm the facts.