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Tokyo drifter: Racer exceeded speed limit by 100 kph

Specially outfitted drift vehicle driven by suspect Wataru Sakamoto
Wataru Sakamoto specially outfitted his vehicle to engage in drift racing (Twitter)

TOKYO (TR) – In a word, fast.

Tokyo Metropolitan have arrested a drift racer who drove a vehicle, which had been illegally modified, more than 100 kilometers per hour over the speed limit in Koto Ward last year, reports TV Asahi (Feb. 14).

In October, Wataru Sakamoto, 21, allegedly drove his vehicle with other members of a group at a speed of 167 kilometers per hour in a 60 kilometer-per-hour zone during a race where the rear wheels of the car skid, or “drift,” during turns.

Sakamoto was also accused of modifying the vehicle to evade detection while drift racing, including the removal of the license plates from the vehicle and a part of its front end such that automatic speed detection machines are obstructed. As well, the suspect wore a breathing mask to conceal his face.

Sakamoto, who has been accused of violating the Road Traffic Law, admits to the allegations, saying he committed the crimes to engage in drift racing.

During the incident, officers in a patrol car spotted the group of drift racers, which goes by the name Peaks. However, the racers fled the scene at high speeds.

Peaks formed about one year ago. The group collects members via social media, police said.