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Tokyo cops: Man posed as yakuza in threatening J-League soccer player

Junichi Hayashi
Junichi Hayashi

TOKYO (TR) – A man claiming to be from an organized crime group allegedly threatened a male soccer player with a club in the J-League, reports TV Asahi (Mar. 13).

Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested Junichi Hayashi, 44, is alleged to have told the 25-year-old player that he’s “gonna get it because I called over my gang. We’re not going to let you escape no matter what” on a street in Inagi City at around 7 a.m. on February 12.

Hayashi, who has been accused of violating the Law for the Punishment of Acts of Violence and intimidation, denies the charges, telling police he “thought his car bumped mine, so we talked at the scene [of the crime], but I didn’t threaten him.”

Hayashi became enraged after the soccer player honked his car horn at him. He then threatened the player, who fled in his car but was pursued by suspect’s vehicle for some three kilometers.

The victim was able to identify Hayashi after memorizing his car’s model and license plate number, police said.