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Tokyo agency says idol’s ‘sex with everyone’ tweets result of hack


TOKYO (TR) – The Tokyo-based agency of an idol group member said last week that the derogatory comments toward the entertainment industry from her Twitter account were actually the result of a hacking, reports Sports Nippon (May 14).

On May 14, a message appearing on the Web site of Platinum Production issued an apology for tweets from the account of Sako Makita, a 21-year-old member of Passpo, an idol group with a flight attendant theme. “Since her account was hacked, we have now suspended it,” the message said.

The tweets, sent earlier that day, specifically attacked the idol industry.

“All the members in the group are unable to use their head,” read one message, “and I can’t stand it. Mostly they’ve only graduated from junior high school and they are not normal people. I’m surprised I’ve been able to continue until now.”

The content of the tweets also hinted at the makura (or pillow) trade in which up-and-coming girls are obliged to engage in sex with management-level staff members.

“I should have never started in the entertainment business at all,” she continued. “From the start, I’ve dealt with ugly people, and I’ve had sex with everyone.”

Shortly thereafter the tweets were deleted, but readers had already distributed the messages across the Internet.

Prior to the incident, Makita had announced that she would be taking a break from the group on May 31 following a performance at Akasaka Blitz.

The message from Platinum Production added that the agency had consulted with the Shibuya Police Station, and that it is now considering taking legal action.