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Tokyo: 15 health ministry staffers test positive for coronavirus after Ginza party

TOKYO (TR) – The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare on Thursday revealed that it is upping coronavirus control measures after a farewell party held last month is believed to have been the source of an outbreak.

On Thursday, the ministry said that 15 staff members had tested positive for the coronavirus as of Wednesday, reports NHK (April 15).

Since five of those persons participated in the party, it is believed to have been the source of a cluster of infections.

On March 24, a total of 23 staff members from a ministry health and welfare bureau for the elderly gathered at a restaurant in Ginza for the party. Despite a government request that bars and restaurants shorten business hours, some staff members remained until midnight.

Since that day, infections have been found one after another within members of the bureau. As well, several other staff members are experiencing symptoms of the disease COVID-19. They are now awaiting test results.

To combat the spread, the ministry is now utilizing telework such that only 30 percent of staff members are going to the office.

“We must ensure that there must be no delay to necessary work,” a representative of the ministry said.