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Tenga to release vibrators for women with tea ceremony motif

Chasen by Tenga
The Iroha Zen line of vibrators by Tenga includes Yuzucha (left), Matcha and Hanacha by by Tenga

TOKYO (TR) – The originators of the Japanese tea ceremony, which dates back to the ninth century, likely never envisioned that one of its key implements would be the inspiration for a tool for masturbation.

However, pleasure goods company Tenga on Tuesday revealed that it will later this month release a series of vibrators for women called Iroha Zen, whose curved ridges and colors were inspired by the chasen, or the bamboo tea whisk used to whip up powdered matcha green tea.

The release is an addition to the company’s Iroha line of vibrators for women, which first entered the market in 2013. The motto for the line is simple: a tender self-pleasuring experience.

Iroha Zen seeks to conjure the zen-like experience of the way of tea during masturbation. In a promotional video (below), a unit rises in a room floored with tatami as a shoji screens part for the camera.

With sleek packaging, including a hexagonal box, the units are available in three varieties, Yuzucha (citrus tea), Matcha (green tea), and Hanacha (flower tea). Two batteries provide four hours of pleasure, according to Tenga. The vibrators are also waterproof to a depth of 50 centimeters, making them perfect in the bath. There are four settings, ranging from a weak vibratory mode to a special rhythm function.

The Iroha Zen series will hit store shelves from November 23. The units will also be available in the Tenga online store.