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Roppongi socialite nabbed for threatening business partner in sex business

Tomoro Mukai
Tomoro Mukai

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a male socialite over the alleged threats of a partner in a sex business last year, reports Nippon News Network (Jan. 10).

In July of last year, Tomoro Mukai, 31, and five other persons, including a member of the Sumiyoshi-kai organized crime group, allegedly threatened the male business partner in a fuzoku (adult entertainment) operation in Minato Ward over the repayment of a loan.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen if you do not repay the 12 million yen,” one of the suspects reportedly said on the telephone.

According to the Azabu Police Station, the suspects deny the allegations. “They are groundless,” one of the suspects said. “No threats were made, only money was provided.”

Described as a music producer, artist and investor, Mukai is a popular figure in the Roppongi entertainment area of Minato Ward, where he established an office in the Roppongi Hills complex at the age of 23.

On his Facebook page, Mukai is shown living an ostentatious life exemplified by immense wealth. In a number photographs, he appears in the company of a number of bikini-clad women.

Mukai regularly appears as the “Ultra Heisei Bubble Guy” on television variety programs, including “My Personal History” on Tokyo MX.

“Money or women”

In late December, Mukai possibly alluded to the incident on Facebook, commenting about betrayal and trust. Then, early on Monday, he posted a photograph of himself with a cigar below a message.

“The reason why men fighting with each other is over money or women,” Mukai wrote. “So be careful regarding money and women. The way one handles money and women will have a dramatic impact on one’s life.”