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‘Mori no Asagao’ manga artist busted for indecent assault

Mori no Asagao
‘Mori no Asagao’
TOKYO (TR) – On Thursday, investigators revealed that Mamoru Goda, the artist known for the popular manga “Mori no Asagao,” has been charged with indecent assault and the infliction of bodily injuries, reports Nikkan Sports (Aug. 16).

Inside a basement office in Kokubunji City on April 4, Goda is alleged to have thrown a baseball at the head of a woman and threatened her. “What are you doing? I can’t work while I am angry,” he reportedly said just before sexually assaulting her.

On May 12, the artist once again threw a baseball at the head of the same woman and pushed her down with a blow to the chest.

Injuries suffered by the woman due to the latter incident required two weeks to heal. Goda, whose real name is Mamoru Kaminogo, was arrested on June 5 by officers from the Koganei Police Station.

Indictments were filed with the Tachikawa branch of the Tokyo District Court on June 25 and July 12.

In 2007, the serialized manga “Mori no Asagao,” which deals with the merits of the death penalty, won the Grand Prize in the manga division at the Japan Media Arts Festival. Three years later, the manga was turned into a 10-episode drama for TV Tokyo.