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Mie cops search for man after woman’s corpse, body parts found at residence

Mie police have found two corpses at a residence in Inabe City
Mie police have found two corpses at a residence in Inabe City

MIE (TR) – Mie Prefectural Police are seeking the whereabouts of a 60-year-old man after the corpse of his sister and body parts likely belonging to his mother were found at a residence in Inabe City, reports the Mainichi Shimbun (Aug. 22).

On August 17, a woman arriving at the residence, located in the Inabecho area, to collect money discovered what appeared to be a bone fragment in the garden. Officers from the Inabe Police Station arriving at the scene two days later found confirmed the fragment is a human bone and found the body of a woman lying face-up in a room of the residence.

The woman is believed to have died about one week before. The body did not have any external wounds. Using dental records and the results of an autopsy, police confirmed that the corpse belongs to the man’s 58-year-old sister.

Remains in 10 locations

Police found other skeletal remains likely related to the initial bone fragment in 10 locations inside and outside a bungalow on the property. One bone was inside a bicycle basket. According to police, about 90 percent of the skeleton has been recovered, reports the Chunichi Shimbun (Aug. 19).

Given the curvature of the backbone, police believe the body is that of the man’s mother, aged in her 80s.

The man shared the residence with his mother and sister. Police are now seeking his whereabouts on suspicion of abandoning a corpse.