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JRA gives jockey Luis Contreras 1-month suspension for drug use

Luis Contreras
Luis Contreras at Nakayama Racecourse (

TOKYO (TR) – The Japan Racing Association (JRA) has settled on a suspension of one month for jockey Luis Contreras after a failed drug test, reports Sankei Sports (Mar. 4).

On Friday, a committee within JRA announced that Contreras, who tested positive for the painkiller oxycodone on February 6, will complete his suspension on March 10.

Five days after the test, the committee announced that the temporary permit for Contreras, a 29-year-old native of Mexico, to ride as a jockey had been revoked.

Oxycodone is legal in Japan. However, a prescription is required in order for it to be imported into the country.

In December, Contreras was injured after a fall from a horse in Mexico. A doctor subsequently prescribed him oxycodone, according to a release by JRA (Mar. 4).

Contreras explained to JRA that he mistook the prescribed oxycodone for antibiotics. He presented a copy of the prescription written in Mexico to JRA.

Contreras also failed to go through the procedure necessary with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to import oxycodone.

The jockey’s permit became active on January 5. Prior to its revocation, he was victorious twice, including the fifth race at Nakayama Racecourse on January 11.

In June of last year, Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested Julie Hamp, former managing officer at Toyota, for the importation of oxycodone. She resigned from the automaker the following month.