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Japanese celebrities to have social media activities monitored following anti-gangster legislation

Shinsuke Shimada
Shinsuke Shimada

TOKYO (TR) – Media outlets employing Japanese entertainers are set to monitor their social media activities following the enactment of anti-gangster legislation, one industry insider tells Yukan Fuji (Oct. 1).

A representative for a television station believes that anti-gang legislation that started on October 1 and prohibits ordinary citizens from doing business transactions with gangsters will result in careful monitoring of the activities of celebrities to ensure compliance.

“A thorough examination of all potential entertainers will be required prior to employment,” the executive says, “and statements defending yakuza will not be permitted.”

In August, television personality Shinsuke Shimada resigned from show business after it was revealed that he had a relationship with an upper member of the Yamaguchi-gumi, Japan’s largest criminal organization.

Since Shimada’s resignation, the Japan Racing Association revoked the license of horse trainer Michifumi Kono for alleged ties to the Yamaguchi-gumi, and the Kameda Gym received a warning regarding gangsters attending boxing matches.

“Any support displayed for Shimada will not be allowed either,” the insider says. “The checking of blogs and Twitter feeds will not be excluded.”