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Hokkaido man vaccinated 4 times: ‘I thought it would be more effective’

HOKKAIDO (TR) – An elderly man living in the town of Keshikaga has been vaccinated four times for COVID-19, the town government has revealed, reports HTB News (July 8).

According to an official from Keshikaga, the man, aged in his 80s, received his first two vaccinations while serving as a health care worker outside the town in April and May.

He received the second two vaccinations in Keshikaga in the middle of June and earlier this month.

For most vaccines, two shots are required. Thus far, the man has shown no signs of health-related problems, the town said.

A man in Hokkaido received four vaccination shots for COVID-19

“More antibodies’

Before receiving the shots in Keshikaga, the man did not divulge his previous vaccinations. “I thought it would be more effective, with multiple shots resulting in more antibodies,” the man was quoted.

On July 6, the matter emerged during an examination of inoculation costs for male citizens of the town for April by the National Health Insurance Federation.

“To prevent a recurrence, we would like to listen more carefully to vaccination histories prior during preliminary examinations,” a town official said.