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Hiroshima cops: Man killed student with insulin injections

Katsuhiro Yamamoto
Katsuhiro Yamamoto

HIROSHIMA (TR) – Hiroshima Prefectural Police have re-arrested a 43-year-old male in the murder and robbery of a student in Hiroshima City, reports TBS News (Feb. 19).

In June of last year, Katsuhiro Yamamoto killed Yuki Sato, then 24 years of age, by giving him multiple injections of insulin inside a bathtub in the student’s residence in Asaminami Ward.

Prior to the incident, Yamamoto had told Sato that the contents of the shots were “a painkiller.” The suspect is also alleged to have stolen more than 20,000 yen in cash.

The month before the alleged crime, Yamamoto received one million yen from Sato in a fake investment plan. Police had initially arrested Sato for fraud last week.

During the investigation, police found that the suspect had used the Internet to research what number of doses of insulin would be fatal.

“I wanted to kill (him) because I was persistently pressed for repayment (of the one million yen),” the suspect is quoted by police.

Sato was enrolled at Hiroshima Shudo University. He met Yamamoto six years who while they were both being treated at the same hospital.