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Hiroshima cops bust hospital director for stimulant drugs

Shigeo Harada
Shigeo Harada

HIROSHIMA (TR) – Hiroshima Prefectural Police have arrested the director a hospital in Kure City for the possession of stimulant drugs, reports Nippon News Network (Feb. 12).

At 6:00 a.m. on Friday, Shigeo Harada, the 52-year-old head of the Shimokamagari Hospital, was allegedly found to be in possession of a plastic bag of stimulant drugs as he commuted to work from his residence in Hiroshima City’s Naka Ward.

A subsequent search of his residence resulted in the discovery 10 syringes.

Harada denies the charges, telling police that the contraband was provided by an acquaintance. “I did not know that they were stimulant drugs,” the suspect is quoted by police.

In December of last year, police received an anonymous tip about Harada’s alleged illegal activity.

Harada joined the hospital in September of 2011. He serves in a surgical and rehabilitation department for cranial nerves, which are found in the brain.