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German musical group apologizes after in-train performance not well received

Keihin Tohoku Line
Members of Trombone Unit Hannover played inside the Keihin Tohoku Line on Sunday

TOKYO (TR) – A German musical group has issued an apology after an impromptu performance inside a train carriage by some members was not entirely well received on social media, reports Nippon News Network (Nov. 8).

On Sunday night, five members of Trombone Unit Hannover played their brass instruments at one end of a carriage of the Keihin Tohoku Line as commuters looked on. When the performance ended, the group received enthusiastic applause.

At least one person posted a video of the show on Twitter, which resulted in a variety of responses. Some found the music enjoyable, with one saying it provided a healing sensation. However, another wrote, “If one didn’t want to listen, there is no escape.” Still another said it was a “nuisance.”

In issuing an apology through its agency, the group said that such a performance is often accepted favorably overseas in explaining their motive. “But our forethought was insufficient,” the group said.

Formed in 2008, the group of nine trombonists played live shows in Japan between November 2 and 8.