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Fukuoka woman infected with coronavirus commits suicide: ‘I may have spread it at work’

FUKUOKA (TR) – A woman who committed suicide after testing positive for the novel coronavirus feared that she spread the virus at her workplace, reports the Nishi Nippon Shimbun (May 24).

According to persons familiar with the matter, the woman began recuperating from COVID-19, which is caused by the coronavirus, at her residence in the prefecture this month.

However, an acquaintance of the woman contacted local authorities after she dropped out of contact. Emergency personnel and police rushed to her residence to find her dead, the result of an apparent suicide.

Earlier this month, a female colleague of the woman took a polymerase chain reaction test, which gave a positive result.

“I may have spread [the virus] at my workplace,” the woman wrote in letter left behind in her residence.

The case is not the first of its kind since the pandemic began. In January, a woman in Tokyo committed suicide out of fear that she had spread the virus to her daughter.

In a note that woman left behind, she wrote, “It is inexcusable that I have become a nuisance.”