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French paper: Waitress claims to have seen missing Japanese woman

Narumi Kurosaki
A waitress claims to have seen Narumi Kurosaki two weeks after she disappeared

FRANCE (TR) – A waitress at a cafe in the city of Verdun claims to have seen a missing female Japanese exchange student two weeks after her disappearance earlier this month, reports TV Asahi (Dec. 29).

French newspaper L’Est Républicain quotes the waitress as saying that she is certain that Narumi Kurosaki, 21, who is currently enrolled at the University of Franche-Comte in the city of Besancon, located in eastern France, visited the cafe on the evening of December 19.

“I’m sure it was her,” she said. “I took her hand and asked, ‘Are you fine?’ She responded, ‘Don’t worry about me.’ She looked incredibly emaciated.”

Kurosaki, a native of Tokyo who regularly attends the University of Tsukuba, was last seen on December 4, when she took a dance class. It is also known that Kurosaki and a man wanted in the case, aged in his 20s, dined together in a suburb of Bescancon that night, with the pair later returning together to her school dormitory.

Several students living in the same dormitory heard a scream late at night on December 4. However, no traces of blood or evidence of a struggle have been found inside Kurosaki’s room.

The suspect was confirmed to have fled France for another country in Europe three days after Kurosaki disappeared.

Verdun is located about 350 kilometers from Besancon. Police last week first announced that Kurosaki had gone missing. They have been notified of the claims of the waitress, who had previously received a photograph of Kurosaki from a friend.

One reason the waitress is certain that she saw Kurosaki was the black moles on her face. “They left a particular impression,” she said. “Therefore, I knew instantly that she was the girl I met.”

The waitress added that Kurosaki, carrying a large shopping bag, wept while talking on the phone over the two and a half hours she was at the cafe. The waitress said that such behavior was memorable.