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Drunk university student spotted walking on railway tracks in west Tokyo

A drunk university student was found walking along railway tracks on Friday morning
A drunk university student was found walking along the railway tracks on Friday morning

TOKYO (TR) – A drunk university student caused a delay in railway services after he was seen walking along a track bed in west Tokyo on Friday, reports the Asahi Shimbun (Oct. 6).

According to the Tachikawa Police Station and the Hachioji branch of East Japan Railway, a driver of a Chuo Line train spotted the student, aged in 20s, walking long the tracks about 400 meters from JR Kunitachi Station. The driver immediately applied the emergency brakes and halted the train.

A station employee eventually apprehended the student about 200 meters from the station. He was subsequently brought onto the platform and taken into custody by police.

“I don’t know what I was doing,” the student reportedly said. The student was questioned on suspicion of violating the Railway Business Act.

The incident caused a delay to services for 19 trains on the Chuo Line for 30 minutes, inconveniencing about 15,000 passengers.