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COVID-19 patient in serious condition turned away by 120 hospitals in Tokyo

TOKYO (TR) – A man in serious condition due to symptoms of COVID-19 was turned away by more than 100 hospitals last week, it has been learned, reports NHK (Aug. 10).

Earlier this month, the man, aged in his 50s and living in the capital, was recovering at home after testing positive for the novel coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19.

However, his condition became serious after his developed breathing problems two days later. After he alerted emergency services, the ambulance was turned away by about 120 hospitals.

Five hours later, he was admitted to Nippon Medical School Hospital in Bunkyo Ward.

“Lives that could have been saved will not be saved”

The number of people infected with the coronavirus who are recuperating at home rose to 17,356 in Tokyo as of Monday, a sharp increase of 11.4 times over a month ago.

The situation at the Nippon Medical School Hospital reflects this trend, according to Dr. Shoji Yokobori, the director of the emergency medical center at the hospital

“I have never experienced such a large number of requests for admission to the critical care unit at a time when when beds are being so quickly filled,” the doctor said. “We have to consider the possibility that lives that could have been saved will not be saved. Unless we reduce the number of infected people, this situation will continue.”

On Monday, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government recorded 2,884 coronavirus cases in the capital, the 14th straight day that the daily figure exceeded 2,000.