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AKB48 promotes elimination of drug abuse at Tokyo event

Members of AKB48
Members of AKB48 appeared at an event in Toshima Ward targeting the elimination of drug abuse (TBS News)

TOKYO (TR) – Members of the idol group AKB48 on Monday appeared at an event in Toshima Ward that targeted the elimination of drug abuse, reports TBS News (Feb. 6).

At the event, sponsored by Tokyo Metropolitan Police, four members of of the pop group participated in quizzes about drugs and played the game janken (rock, paper, scissors) before a gather of about 900 local citizens in calling for a safe and secure city environment.

Yui Yokoyama, the General Manager of AKB48, was named Drug Abuse Eradication Ambassador. “We, AKB48, would like to contribute to a healthy society that does not include drugs,” she said.

Last year, the Japan Coast Guard seized a record 1,300 kilograms of kakuseizai, or stimulant drugs, with a street value of 91.9 billion yen in eight smuggling operations, according to Nippon News Network (Jan. 18).

“Government and citizens working together is an effective means for drug eradication,” a representative of the police said.