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Aichi: Spy cams found in restroom at park used for girls’ softball tourney

in Toyota City
Spy cams were found in stalls of a toilet at a park in Toyota City over the weekend (Twitter)

AICHI (TR) – Hidden cameras were found in a restroom at a park in Toyota City that was used for a girls’ softball tournament over the weekend, reports Tokai Television (May 6).

According to city officials, a cleaning personnel found the first camera inside a garbage can for a stall of the restroom at a the Toyota City Softball Field at around 2:30 p.m. on May 4.

The following day, another camera was found in a different stall of the same toilet.

Both cameras are cube-shaped with 2-centimeter dimensions. The battery-operated devices are capable of shooting video, the officials said.

On the morning of May 4, a girls’ softball tournament was held at the field. It is believed that the cameras were installed to take tosatsu, or illicit, video during the event.

The city is now preparing to lodge a complaint with police.