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Aichi: Filipino male leaps from building in apparent suicide after stabbing wife

in Gamagori City
A Filipino national stabbed his wife on a road in Gamagori City before taking his life by leaping from a nearby building
AICHI (TR) – Aichi Prefectural Police are investigating what is believed to have been an attempted murder-suicide after a male Filipino national stabbed his wife before leaping from a building in Gamagori City, reports TBS News (Apr. 8).

At around 7:35 a.m. on Sunday, police were tipped off about a man who was attacking a woman on a road in the Takaramachi area. Police arriving at the scene found the woman, later identified as Analiza Hose Miyagi, 34, collapsed and bleeding from the head.

The woman was transported to a hospital with injuries considered serious but not life-threatening.

Meanwhile, Miyagi’s 33-year-old husband was found at the base of a four-floor apartment building about 150 meters from where the stabbing took place in a state of cardiac arrest. He was later confirmed dead at a hospital.

Prior to the incident, Miyagi, who is also a Filipino, got into an argument with her husband inside their residence. After she fled, he chased her down and stabbed her. He is believed to have later leaped from the building in intentionally taking his life, according to police.