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70 workers, 15 trucks haul out 24 tons of waste from Koriyama ‘garbage houses’

One of the 4 sites cleared of garbge in Koriyama City
One of the 4 sites cleared of garbge in Koriyama City

FUKUSHIMA (TR) – “You wanna talk about the real junk?” — Lux Interior, “Garbageman.”

The city office of Koriyama has taken action to remove mounds of refuse that had accumulated at so-called “garbage houses” managed by a man in his 70s, reports TBS News (Mar. 26).

On Saturday, approximately 70 workers used 15 trucks to haul away more than 24 tons of waste from four residential locations in the city.

Items hauled away included bags of refuse, home electronics units and furniture. The work took four and a half hours.

In the past, the man had failed to respond to requests demanding that the waste be removed. Based on measures outlined in a local ordinance, the work was carried out on his behalf.

The city had received complaints from residents that the sites had become unappealing and posed fire hazards.

“When it gets warm, there is a bad smell and mosquitoes gather,” an 82-year-old male resident in Koriyama is quoted by the Yomiuri Shimbun (Mar. 27). “The removal provides relief.”

Reimbursement for the 2.7-million-yen cost for the operations is being sought from the man.