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3 med professionals accused of gang rape not prosecuted in Tokyo court

Yoshiharu Matsuoka
The Tokyo District Public Prosecturo’s Office on Thursday announced the non-prosecution of Yoshiharu Matsuoka and two other persons accused of gang rape

TOKYO (TR) – Prosecutors have announced the non-prosecution of three men with connections to medical facilities in the Kanto area in the alleged gang rape of two women at a residence in Minato Ward last year, reports NHK (July 6).

Yoshiharu Matsuoka, a 32-year-old doctor at a hospital affiliated with Tokyo Jikei University, Takahiro Uenishi, a 32-year-old former doctor at the same hospital, and Yoshihiro Nakamura, a 27-year-old faculty member at Toho University, were alleged to have forced the victims to drink large quantities of alcohol before sexually assaulting them in an unconscious state in June, 2016.

On Thursday, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office dropped the case in the Tokyo District Court. The reason for the non-prosecution of the defendants was not given, with the office only saying, “Due to the nature of the case, [a reason] cannot be given.”

Prior to the decision, Matsuoka and Uenishi had declined to comment on the allegations while Nakamura denied the charges.

Matsuoka and Uenishi were previously arrested over a separate case involving another woman from Saitama Prefecture. The trial in that case is still ongoing.