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Keisuke Koide to suspend activities due to ‘inappropriate relationship’ with minor

Friday June 23
Friday June 23

TOKYO (TR) – The agency of Keisuke Koide revealed on Thursday that the actor is suspending work activities for an indefinite period due to revelations about an “inappropriate relationship” that are to appear in a weekly magazine, reports TV Asahi (June 8).

In a message distributed by fax, agency Amuse confirmed that Koide, 33, socialized and engaged in drinking with a minor as weekly Friday (June 23) claims. “Koide himself and relevant parties confirmed that he engaged in drinking and an inappropriate relationship with a minor,” the message said.

In the same message, Koide issued an apology to his fans. “From now on, I will take all criticisms and any punishment seriously and fulfill my own responsibilities,” he wrote. “As an adult, I am aware that I behaved poorly. I indulged, and I have no excuses.”

Pictures accompanying the article show Koide with a girl, reported as being 17-year-old high school student, as a part of a party in a bar in Osaka’s Minami entertainment district in May. In one shot, she is seem hugging him with her back to the camera as he stares forward.

After drinking, Koide forcibly took the girl back to his room at the Imperial Hotel, according to the magazine. The girl is quoted in the article as saying that Koide had sex with her five times. During two of those times, he ejaculated inside her. At one point, she expressed that the act was painful, but he continued.

Broadcasters have already begun to take action. NHK has announced the cancellation of “Kamisama Kara Hito Koto: Naniwa Okyakusama Soudanshitsu Monogatari,” which was set to star Koide. According to Sports Nippon (June 8), discussions are underway with the actor’s agency for him to not appear in Nippon Television’s “I Love You but I Have a Secret.”