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Kim Jong-nam killing: Malaysian police search for 4 North Korean men

Ri Ji Hyon (top left), Hong Song Hac (top right), Jong Gil (bottom left) and Ri Jae Nam
Ri Ji Hyon (top left), Hong Song Hac (top right), Jong Gil (bottom left) and Ri Jae Nam

MALAYSIA (TR) – Malaysian police revealed on Sunday that they are searching for four North Korean males who fled the country on the same day that Kim Jong-un’s brother was assassinated in Kuala Lumpur last week, reports TBS News (Feb. 20).

Police are seeking the whereabouts of Ri Ji Hyon, 33, Hong Song Hac, 34, O Jong Gil, 55 and Ri Jae Nam, 57, as a part of the investigation in the suspected poisoning death of Kim Jong-nam at Kuala Lumpur International Airport on February 13. One other North Korean male who goes by the name “James” and two other men are also wanted in the case.

Police had previously arrested a 28-year-old woman carrying a Vietnamese passport, another woman, 25, in possession of an Indonesian passport, her boyfriend and a 46-year-old North Korean male.

According to previous news reports, the two women are believed to have worked together in grabbing Kim from behind and temporarily holding and spraying him with an unknown liquid inside a terminal at the airport prior to a flight to Macau on Monday. Complaining of dizziness, Kim then sought help. He was later confirmed dead en route to a hospital.

According to Malaysian police, the arrests of both women were made with the aid of security camera footage. A screen grab distributed by news outlets shows a female suspect wearing a white long-sleeve shirt with the writing “LOL” across the front.

The four named North Korean men entered Malaysia between January 31 and February 7. They had already fled the country as the incident unfolded. Their destination was not specified by police.

It is believed that a total of 11 persons participated in the killing of Kim.