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Japanese man shot dead in Philippines

An unknown assailant shot and killed a Japanese man in Manila on Thursday
An unknown assailant shot and killed a Japanese man traveling in a vehicle in Manila on Thursday night (TV Asahi)

MANILA (TR) – A Japanese businessman was shot and killed on a street in the capital on Thursday night by an unknown gunman, reports TV Asahi (Apr. 21).

According to local police, the gunman, who was riding on the back of a motorcycle driven by another person, approached the vehicle carrying Nariki Mizuno, a 48-year-old resident of Aichi Prefecture, and shot him through a glass window at a signal on a busy thoroughfare.

Mizuno was later confirmed dead at the scene, police said. The gunman and driver sped off following the shooting. Police are currently seeking their whereabouts.

Mizuno was a part of a group of about 20 Japanese nationals traveling in four vehicles back to their hotel after finishing dinner at a restaurant. Mizuno was in the vehicle with three other male Japanese nationals and two male Filipinos.

In carrying out the attack, the gunman fired three shots. No other persons were injured.

According to NHK (Apr. 21), Mizuno arrived in Manila that same day to inspect a factory located in a suburb. Police suspect that he was specifically targeted after becoming involved in some kind of trouble.