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AV actress Yuria Satomi may retire and find husband after 400-film career

Shukan Shincho Aug. 17-24
Shukan Shincho Aug. 17-24

Popular adult video (AV) starlet Yuria Satomi has starred in about 400 films since making her debut more than a decade ago — but now she appears to be calling it a career.

“I am considering ending AV performances,” the 32-year-old starlet tells Shukan Shincho (Aug. 17-24). “So far, I’ve had my ups and downs, and I’d like to take a look back at my life.”

In doing just that, Satomi penned an autobiography. “The Girl Can’t Help It: Sex and Money” is out this month. In the book, she discusses the selling of one’s body as a job and her first sexual experience, which was at the age of 12.

“I was a sixth-year elementary school student, and he was a Brazilian classmate,” she says. “It was on the stairs of an apartment building. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, but I went on to have relationships with various other classmates thereafter.”

Debut at 18

Satomi made her AV debut at the age of 18 under the performing name Aya Koizumi in 2003. “I was scouted,” she remembers. “I started [in the industry] because I could earn money. But the reputation of that world was bad, so I could not divulge what I was doing.” She then reinvented herself with her debut as Yuria Satomi in 2008 as an actress who takes on female pervert roles.

Prior to the AV industry, Satomi worked in the fuzoku trade, which is the commercial sex industry. During her time in the latter profession, she reportedly serviced hundreds of men in relationships known as enjo kosai (or compensated dating) — but it was not a positive experience.

Her scariest time was in dealing with a chimpira thug, who ordered her to sell her body. She got down on her knees in dogeza fashion and apologized, saying she was only 14. “I was kidnapped,” she says. “And in carrying out enjo kosai, I realized that in earning income there are risks. It was part of being young.”

Yuria Satomi appears in "Dirty Talk Hand-Job" in 2014 for label Moodyz
Yuria Satomi appears in “Dirty Talk Hand-Job” for label Moodyz in 2014

Sex and taxes

Last year, Satomi appeared in the pages of Shukan Shincho after it was learned that she never filed a tax return between 2007 and 2013 with the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau. Over that same period, her bank account received deposits totaling 245 million yen.

According to that report, the native of Kanagawa Prefecture received about 45 million yen from her work as an AV actress. The remaining 200 million yen came from boyfriends, with each depositing about 50 million yen into her account.

In taking into consideration additional taxation and taxes in arrears, the bureau determined that Satomi was liable for 115 million yen in penalties, the previous report said.

Satomi does not dispute the claims of the tax office. In fact, she says her total income going back to the age of 20 was closer to 300 million yen.

She implies that frugality was one means of amassing such an amount. “I was living in a rundown apartment managed by a relative in which the monthly rent was 50,000 yen,” she says.

Roppongi hostess club

At present, Satomi is employed at Club Maito, a hostess club located in the Roppongi entertainment area of Tokyo. She works there five nights each week.

“I think becoming an AV actress was great,” she tells Shincho. “Fans come to events, and they also visit me at the hostess club. Since I have this feeling that I have done enough in AV, I might retire. After this, I want to get married. I hope to meet someone who will accept my past.”

Source: “2 Oku 4500 man-en datsuzei no AV joyu Satomi Yuria ga akasu sozetsu jinsei,” Shukan Shincho (Aug. 17-24)