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Yamanashi: Civic employee planted spy cams ‘due to stress’

YAMANASHI (TR) – Yamanashi Prefectural Police on Monday arrested an employee for the town of Minobu for allegedly trespassing into a women’s changing room to plant nearly a dozen hidden cameras, reports the Sankei Shimbun (Feb. 3).

Between January 7 and 14, Daisuke Akaike, the 44-year-old deputy manager for health and welfare, allegedly sneaked into a second-floor room at the Nakatomi Sukoyaka Center and installed cameras to take tosatsu, or voyeur, footage.

Akaike, who has been accused of trespassing, admits to the allegations. “I’ve been doing this since last summer due to stress,” the suspect was quoted by the Nambu Police Station.

The second-floor room is used by female employees during medical examinations. Another women’s changing room is on the floor below.

According to the town, ten cameras were concealed behind smoke detectors and hooks on the ceiling and walls inside the rooms. A staff member found the cameras on January 29.

A civic employee allegedly trespassed into the Nakatomi Sukoyaka Center last month (Twitter)

During a search of the suspect’s residence, police found at least one other hook attached to a camera and a personal computer that is believed to contain data taken from the voyeur shoots.

“We are taking [this matter] seriously,” said town mayor Mikiya Mochizuki in a statement released on Tuesday. “We will work hard to restore the trust of the townspeople through the administration of enhanced discipline.”