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Tokyo cops trap yakuza in attempted fraud of elderly woman

Takafumi Uno
Takafumi Uno

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested an organized crime member who was trapped in the attempted fraud of an elderly woman, reports TBS News (Dec. 28).

On December 20, the woman, a 60-year-old resident of Kita Ward, received a telephone call from a man pretending to be her younger brother. “A bag containing a check has been stolen,” the caller said. “With today being the settlement of accounts, is it possible to arrange one million yen?”

The woman then visited a bank to prepare the funds. However, an employee suspected that she was being victimized in a fraud and alerted police.

Takafumi Uno, a 21-year-old gang member, was later apprehended when he posed as a courier and arrived at the woman’s residence by motorcycle to collect the money.

“I was told that a motorcycle had been prepared,” the suspect is quoted by police.

On December 28, police raided two offices connected to the Sumiyoshi-kai in search of evidence in the case.