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Tochigi: Hostess club accused of employing 14-year-old girls

TOCHIGI (TR) – Tochigi Prefectural Police have re-arrested the manager of a hostess club in Utsunomiya City for allegedly employing 14-year-old girls, reports the Mainichi Shimbun (Feb. 28).

Last December and January, Hotaka Domeki, 22, and two other employees allegedly employed three 14-year-old girls while knowing they were under the age of 15.

Upon their arrests on suspicion of violating the Child Welfare Act on Thursday, Domeki and one of the employees denied the allegations. Meanwhile, the third suspect admitted to the charges, the Utsunomiya-Higashi Police Station said.

Hotaka Domeki (Twitter)

According to police, the club employs about 10 girls, all of whom are under the age of 18.

The arrest is the second for Domeki. Police first accused him of violating the Law Regulating Adult Entertainment Businesses. The first charge has been put on hold.