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Sumitomo employee accused of sexual assault of woman seeking job

TOKYO (TR) – A former employee of trading company Sumitomo Corp. has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman in her 20s who was seeking a job earlier this month, police said on Tuesday, reports NHK (Mar. 26).

On the night of March 1, then employee Takuya Miyoshi, 24, coerced the woman, a student at a college for women, to drink large quantities of alcohol at an izakaya restaurant in Chuo Ward and another location.

The suspect then brought the woman to the hotel where she had reserved a room. After departing, he returned using her key early the following morning. He is then alleged to have sexually assaulted her while she was passed out.

Miyoshi, who has been accused of quasi-coerced intercourse and theft, admits to the allegations, according to the Chuo Police Station.

Sumitomo Corp.
A former employee of Sumitomo Corp. is alleged to have sexually assaulted a woman seeking a job earlier this month (Twitter)

According to police, the woman, who lives outside the capital, met the suspect through an acquaintance. She came to Tokyo to speak with him about getting a job at the trading company.

When she arrived at the izakaya, Miyoshi was with a colleague. They both took to the hotel after she became intoxicated. However, only the suspect returned to the room, police said.

After the incident, Sumitomo implemented a policy that prohibits employees from drinking with job seekers. “We would like to offer a sincere apology to the university student,” a representative of the company was quoted. “For another other students who feel uneasiness [due to the incident], we would like to apologize to them also.”

Miyoshi was dismissed from his post on March 6, the company said.