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Saitama: Yakuza received funds from illegal casino

SAITAMA (TR) – Saitama Prefectural Police have arrested an organized crime member for allegedly receiving funds from a casino operating illegally in Saitama City, reports NHK (Oct. 23).

On October 22, police raided an office of the Sumiyoshi-kai in Omiya Ward in search of evidence over the receiving of extortion payments — termed mikajimeryo — from the casino, which was housed in a business district in the same ward prior to being shut down by law enforcement in May.

Police have also sent Chikao Takabayashi, a 67-year-old upper-level member of the gang, to prosecutors. “I don’t recall [the matter],” the suspect was quoted by police.

Chikao Takabayashi
Police arrested Chikao Takabayashi of the Sumiyoshi-kai (Twitter)

According to police, the casino collected about 1 million yen in revenue per day by providing customers with baccarat gaming on computers connected to the internet.

Police believe the casino made the mikajimeryo payments over at least a three-year period.