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Nara: Juku teacher ties up female student with dog leash

NARA (TR) – Nara Prefectural Police on Tuesday arrested the 62-year-old manager of a special night school in Nara City for allegedly tying up a female student with a dog leash last year, reports the Sankei Shimbun (Jan. 7).

Between 1:00 p.m. and 4:20 p.m. on November 17, Koji Ito, the manager of the juku, or cram school, is alleged to have confined the girl inside a classroom while the dog leash was tied to her neck and ankles.

The girl was not hurt in the incident, according to the Nara-Nishi Police Station.

Ito who was accused of confinement admitted to the allegations upon his arrest. “I did it all,” he reportedly said.

The incident occurred during a one-on-one class with Ito. “Take this,” Ito reportedly told her in showing her the leash.

The suspect then showed her how to attach it to her neck and ankles. With both of her hands free to move, the girl continued studying.

Koji Ito (Twitter)

On November 20, the girl and her parents lodged a complaint with the police station.

The cram school employs multiple teachers to provide individual and group classes for elementary and high school students. Ito himself teaches several clases.

Police are now seeking a motive for the crime.