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Nara: Corpse found in burned-out vehicle

NARA (TR) – Nara Prefectural Police launched an investigation following the discovery of a corpse inside a burned-out vehicle in the town of Sango on Monday, reports TBS News (Dec. 31).

At around 10:20 p.m., a male passerby tipped off police about “a vehicle on fire” on a road in the Shigiminamihata area.

After a fire brigade arriving at the scene extinguished the blaze 30 minutes later, the body was found between the passenger and driver’s seat of the vehicle, whose license plate is registered in Nara.

A corpse was found in a burned-out vehicle in the town of Sango on Monday (Twitter)

Due to extensive burns, the gender of the person and approximate age are not known, police said.

The location of the discovery is near a campground. Police are now working to confirm the identity of the body.