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Nara: Boys peddled illicit shots of female classmates on Line

NARA (TR) – Boys at a middle school in Ikoma City began selling illicit footage of female classmates online last year, the board of education revealed earlier this month, reports NHK (Feb. 11).

Starting last November, up to six boys at the middle school used smartphones and cameras concealed inside pens to take tosatsu or voyeur footage, of at least one dozen female classmates as they changed clothes on the campus.

The boys sold the photographs and video footage for up 1,000 yen each via the smartphone app Line, according to the Ikoma City Board of Education.

The matter emerged when a pupil at the school alerted a staff member on February 7. “I did it out of curiosity,” one boy was quoted by the board.

A school counselor is now speaking with the female students. The school has also contacted police.

At a press conference held on February 10, a representative of the board apologized to the affected students and their parents. “To prevent a recurrence, we will promote initiatives, such as moral education,” the representative said.