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Illegal casinos busted in Yokohama, Nagoya

AICHI (TR) – Aichi Prefectural Police raided an illegal casino in Nagoya on Sunday. The bust was followed by another raid in Yokohama City two days later, local media reported.

Police alleged that internet casino Leaf, located in Nagoya’s Naka Ward, provided online wagering on baccarat between March 14 and April 3.

On April 4, police arrested three employees and two customers. Daisuke Arita, the 46-year-old manager, has declined to comment on the allegations.

Police also seized computers, monitors and 1.23 million yen in cash.

Police believe revenue from the operation funded a criminal syndicate.

Kanagawa police seized five baccarat tables from casino Clover in Yokohama on Tuesday (Twitter)


Two days later, Kanagawa Prefectural Police busted Clover, located in Yokohama City’s Naka Ward.

Police seized five baccarat tables and 60 million yen in cash.

To monitor persons coming and going, the 24-hour casino was outfitted with a double door and 17 security cameras.

During questioning, manager Shinya Kai, 46, admitted to the allegations. He said he opened the casino in December 2019.