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The puerile perils of proletarian prostitution

Nikkan Gendai May 29
Nikkan Gendai May 29
Earlier in May, police in Chiryu City, Aichi Prefecture, arrested a 25-year-old man on charges of assault and robbery against a 34-year-old woman while in a love hotel.

Nikkan Gendai (May 29) reports that Kenta Hayashi, unemployed and with no fixed abode, allegedly used his hands or a towel to strangle his victim until she lost consciousness. He then stole 5,000 yen in cash and her cell phone from her handbag.

Hayashi admitted to police that he had met the woman via an encounter site on the Web.

“His motive was simple robbery and he had no intention of killing her,” a police source is quoted as saying.

Similar cases of assault or extortion against amateurs in the flesh trade appear to be on the increase.

“In many cases, the man will slip a knockout drug into a can of juice by just opening the tab a tiny crack and then replacing it, so it looks like it hasn’t been opened,” explains “pink” journalist Taizo Ebina.

Delivery health (out-call sex services) businesses typically instruct their female workers never to accept a drink that a customer has brought with him, but ‘independents’ might drink one. Then once they pass out they might be raped. Or, in some cases the perpetrator will carry off some articles of their underwear or outer wear.

“Virtually none of these victims dare report what happened to the police,” he adds.

What’s even worse, such scalawags might search the woman’s handbag for a driver’s license or other ID bearing her home address, and afterwards demand hush money, threatening to inform her husband.

In cases of teenage prostitution, the extortion might involve approaching her parents and threatening to make public photographs taken of her “sleeping” in the nude.

“Or, instead of using drugs to knock the woman out, some men might say, ‘I’ll pay you extra if you dance in the nude for me,’ and record it all on a hidden camera,” says Ebina. “After obtaining several of these performances they’ll burn a DVD titled ‘OL Striptease’ and offer them on the Web for 3,000 yen each.

“Some of these guys supposedly rake in over 500,000 yen a month selling the discs, usually completely unbeknownst to the performers.”

Source: “Enko gyaru hito ni ienai hazukashii higai,” Nikkan Gendai (May 29, page 5)